Mar 26, 2013

A new and unique attempt by The Almost Daily Cult Newspaper (Daily Cult News) of journalism concerning cults, religion, and spirituality

ICSA Annual Conference, July 4-6, 2013  Trieste, Italy


The Almost Daily Cult Newspaper (Daily Cult News) is a news blog, which is officially recognized as news media by the Google news and which specializes in the issues of social problems concerning cults, religion, and spirituality. It was founded on Oct 1st, 2009, by Yoshiro Fujikura, a Japanese journalist who has zealously done much coverage in this field. There are nine correspondents including Fujikura, all of whom are volunteers. Not all of the groups or individuals covered by the Daily Cult News are necessarily considered as cults, because this paper handles all topics concerning the friction between religion, spirituality and society. The Daily Cult News believes that wit, humor, and sarcasm, in addition to earnest coverage leveled at issues often passed over by conventional media, will help to foster and refine "cult watch culture" among "Netizens".