Preparation (Step 3)

Cult Intervention/Mediation

Introduction of Intervention/Mediation team to participants (parents, siblings, friends, professionals present).
  • Communication strategies to make contact, begin meaningful dialogue, maintain communication, and access.
  • How to communicate most effectively with your loved one.
  • Review what has and has not been read.
  • What is and is not clearly understood.
  • Overview of cults and influence techniques:
    • theories of a thought reform environment,
    • themes of a manipulative system,
    • theories on sleep deprivation,
    • False Memory Syndrome (FMS),
    • altered states' as part of group activity,
    • How does the influence work in this group?
    • What are the main forms of pressure?
  • 'Culture' as applies to groups.
  • Explore how leader are viewed by group members.
  • History of the group, group ideas, lineage.
  • Use of videos, books, and documents. Demonstration of method of using materials in an Intervention/Mediation.
  • Intervention/Mediation basics,
  • Intervention/Mediation strategies,
  • Intervention/Mediation content,
  • Detailed Intervention/Mediation planning,
  • Determine participate roles,
  • Recovery:
    • Post Intervention/Mediation issues if member chooses to leave group.
    • Family is the main support base for a recovering ex-member.
    • Understanding processes of leaving a high-control, abusive group with or without an Intervention/Mediation.
  • Formulating a strategy,
  • Roles of participants,
  • Interviews,
  • Maintaining journal of contact with group member from telephone calls and correspondence,
  • Information gathering needs and assignments,
  • Next Steps.

Time Requirement:

Three, eight-hour days example:
  • Session one: 9am - 12pm (with consultant)
  • Lunch: (without consultant)
  • Session two: 1pm - 5pm (with consultant)
  • Home work: one to three hours


  1. Completed Background Information for Case Evaluation,
  2. signed and returned Agreements and Releases (1b)
  3. completed Initial Evaluation,
  4. completed Assessment (one-day),
  5. completed worksheets:
6.   All participants have completed Suggested Readings.
        7.   Travel/Accommodations:
      • hotel (business standard),
      • prepaid airplane or rail tickets,
      • arrangement for travel to and from the airport.
    8.   Finance

    Overview of "Our Process".

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