Mar 30, 2014

Movies that illustrate influence techniques.

The Orwellian dystopia in which the government uses propaganda, the control of information, manipulation of the language, fear of a common enemy, and a myriad of social tactics to control its citizens.
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The Manchurian Candidate
The original movie starring Sinatra that brought the term 'brainwashing' into currency. Illustrates brainwashing as it was originally and erroneously perceived by the American public. Depictions of the brainwashed are ludicrously incorrect.

The Godfather
Persuasion you can't refuse. Or is that coercion? Variations on the theme of social exchange. (Violent!)

The Grifters
A modern film about a seamy family of con artists, mostly slight-of-hand type cons, yet there's some verbal persuasion also. Best watched with a bag of oranges and a cigar.

House of Games
A sophisticated psychiatrist becomes involved with a con artist and enters his world of crime and gambling. She finds herself drawn to the thrills associated with putting one over on unsuspecting victims. A variety of influence tactics are demonstrated; consistency tactics are well illustrated.

Sun Myung Moon (the 'Moonie' cult leader) spent $48 million to develop this nationalistic film about the Korean war. It starred Olivier ; Bisset, but was a critical flop.

Quiz Show
Movie about the "21" scandal from the early days of television. The producers of the game show "21" use some clever manipulative tactics to ensnare an otherwise ethical and intelligent man into cheating on the show.

The Sting
A Redford; Newman "buddy" movie, where the duo set up a sting operation to ensnare an evil crime boss. Illustrates consistency tactics, as well as slight-of-hand cons.

Tin Men
Dreyfuss and DeVito attempt to sell undesirable aluminum siding in the 1960s. Several interesting persuasion techniques, with the underlying question of ethical boundaries in selling.

Twelve Angry Men
An influence classic, with one juror (Fonda) standing against the pressures toward conformity.

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