Oct 10, 2013

Thought Reform Consultants

A number of experts experienced in thought reform counseling have become informally associated in an Internet-based "Thought Reform News." The group's initial statement says that "Consultation refers to a voluntary relationship between a professional helper and help-needing individual, family, group, or social unit in which the consultant is providing information that enables client(s) to more clearly define and solve the problem(s) for which they sought consultation." 

"Thought reform consultation is the presentation of information concerning the principles and practical applications of thought reform. 

This presentation is done in a manner that is legal and conforms to a set of ethical standards. The consultation involves a respectful dialogue in an open environment, supplemented by educational materials, such as pertinent literature, generic source materials, informational multimedia presentations, and personal testimonies. 

A thought reform consultant is an individual who conducts these consultations and voluntarily agrees to abide by a set of ethical standards." 

The consultants associated in the "Thought Reform Consultants News" include Carol Giambalvo, Janja Lalich, Patrick Ryan, Joseph Kelly, Joseph Szimhart, and Jerry and Hana Whitfield. [The first three are associates and advisors of AFF, publisher of The Cult Observer.] (Cult Observer report)