Oct 10, 2013

Joseph F. Kelly - Profile

Joseph F. Kelly, a graduate of Temple University (focus in religion), has been a cult intervention specialist (thought reform consultant/exit counselor,mediator) since 1989.  He spent 14 years in two different eastern meditation groups (TM, International Society of Divine Love). He is a co-author of “Ethical Standards for Thought Reform Consultants,” published in ICSA’s Cultic Studies Journal, contributed a chapter to Captive Hearts, Captive Minds. He was (2010-2014) the News Desk Editor of ICSA Today.
Mr. Kelly has also facilitated ICSA workshops for ex-members and families (1996-2018) and has lectured extensively on cult-related topics:

Some of the topics:
  • Inner Experience and Conversion
  • After the Cult "Coping with Trance States; Hypnosis and Trance" 
  • Coping with Triggers
  • Mental-Health Issues in Cult-Related Interventions
  • Leaving and Recovering from Cultic Groups and Relationships
  • Communicating with Cult Members
  • Restoring Family Connections
  • Helping Families Address a Loved One’s Group Involvement
  • Among the issues discussed are:
    • The ethics of an intervention
    • Assessing a family situation
    • Determining whether an intervention is appropriate
    • Family preparation
    • The phases and dynamics of an intervention
    • Alternatives to interventions
    • Issues confronted after an intervention
    • Workshop for Loved Ones: "How to Help a Loved One Affected by a Cult" 
  • What Can Families Do? Family members concerned about a loved one‘s cult involvement or its aftereffects need to learn how to assess their situations more effectively and how to evaluate strategic options. 
  • A Mediation Approach to Exit Counseling 
  • From Deprogramming to Thought Reform Consultation 
  • Can Cultic Groups Change? The Case of ISKCON 
  • Evolution and Variation Within a Movement: The Case of ISKCON 
  • Jehovah’s Witnesses, Former Members and Families 
  • "Cultic Group Intervention: Exploring internal experiences in Yoga, Qigong and Transcendental Meditation" 
  • Inside Out — One Group, One Fugitive Swami: Three Different Experiences 
Lectures/workshops - Universities, Countries
  • 1999, University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN
  • 2004, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta (Canada)
  • 2005, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Madrid, (Spain)
  • 2007, University Club, Brussels, (Belgium) 
  • 2008, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA 
  • 2009, Geneva, Switzerland 
  • 2010, Istituto Madonna del Carmine “Il Carmelo”, Via Doganale 1 Ciampino, Roma, (Italy) 
  • 2011, University of Barcelona, Barcelona, (Spain)
  • 2012, Montreal, Canada
  • 2013, London School of Economics 
  • 2014 University of Southern California 
  • 2015, Stockholm, Sweden
  • 2015, Beijing Union University, Beijing, China 
  • 2017, Bordeaux France