Sep 8, 2013

_Overview of Our Process

We provide a Free Initial Evaluation - thirty-minute telephone consultation after reviewing your Background Information for Case Evaluation form and signed Release.

We are normally available (Thursday - Saturday) for telephone consultations.

  1. Initial Evaluation (free)
  2. Assessment (one-day)
  3. Preparation (Three-day)
  4. Intervention/Mediation


Our approach is based upon our philosophy designed to help families and friends understand and effectively respond to the complexity of a loved one's cult involvement.

Overview of Our Process
  1. Return required documents:
Background Information for Case Evaluation,”
Document Release,”
Research Release,”
Fee Schedule Acknowledgment.”
  1. Schedule “Initial Evaluation” (thirty-minute telephone consultation).
  1. Schedule “Case Assessment” (one-day).
  1. Schedule “Preparation” (estimated three days).

  1. Another option is to schedule the “Case Assessment and Intervention Preparation”  (estimated four days).