Aug 11, 2013

Sex, Lies, and Two Hindu Gurus: How I Was Conned By a Dangerous Cult-and Why I Will Not Keep Their Secrets

Sex, Lies, and Two Hindu Gurus: How I Was Conned By a Dangerous Cult - and Why I Will Not Keep Their Secrets The two Hindu gurus in this book call themselves saints, divine beings, jagadguru, and God incarnate–they are, in fact, evil incarnate. One is an accused child molester and rapist, who maintains a daily schedule of “charan seva” (body massages) and “private time” (sex) with female devotees and underage girls. The other is a fugitive from justice, who was convicted on 20 counts of indecency with children in Texas in March 2011–before he fled into Mexico, then India, and escaped justice. Together, they worked for over six decades to build a cult following of thousands, huge ashrams in India and the U.S., a harem of women, and trust funds stockpiled with hundreds of millions of dollars of other people’s money. These were my “gurus” for 15 years—until I learned their dark secrets. Now, I will not keep them. This pulls back the curtain, opens the bedroom doors, shines a light, and lays bare the secrets of a dangerous cult headed by two wicked men–Kripalu Maharaj and Prakashanand Saraswati–who for decades were hell-bent on satisfying their insatiable all-too-mortal desires. And who operated their psychopathic con game with impunity. At its core, "Sex, Lies, and Two Hindu Gurus" is a memoir about one spiritual seeker’s journey to hell and back. It’s also a thriller about bringing to justice one of the gurus—only to have him escape into thin air before being put behind bars for molesting children. But most importantly, it’s a cautionary tale for all spiritual seekers—showing them why they should look before they leap onto a spiritual path that might not be what it seems. 10 Reasons To Read "Sex, Lies, and Two Hindu Gurus" 1. See inside the unnatural world of a cult, including how it operates far outside of the values and mores of traditional society. 2. Follow the journey of a sincere spiritual seeker as she takes a very wrong turn down a road that leads into the clutches of a dangerous cult. 3. Learn how easy it is for people to pose as God and convince others to perform acts they would never have participated in under normal circumstance. 4. Learn how cults work, including their “tricks of the trade” to understand what can happen when a sociopath has full control over a large group of people. 5. See how a sociopath operates. While few people will come face to face with a sociopath as despicable as the two gurus in this book, everyone should be aware of the propensity for 4% of the population to perform evil acts to such a degree. 6. Gain important knowledge to stay cult-proof. Learn important tips on how to discern the real from the unreal when it comes to men and women claiming to be “gurus,” to protect yourself, your friends, your family, and your children. 7. See inside the criminal trial of a man whose power, influence, and wealth nearly let him get away with his crimes of abusing children. While he escaped justice, he completely lost his life as a free man. 8. Learn by example how to appropriately question people in positions of authority, so that you are never emotionally, psychologically, or physically abused by them. 9. Read the harrowing story of someone who actually stood up to evil people. As media reports indicate, far too few people speak out when faced with the reality of a child molester or other criminals in their midst. 10. Gain strength by the author’s personal David and Goliath experience, as she worked tirelessly to expose a dangerous cult for all the world to see. “This book exposes a world that few have ever seen and that many deny even exists.” — Sheridan Burman “All I can say is wow … and amazing.” — Suren Pandya “This perfectly captures the twisted, insular, and secretive world in which we all lived.” — Kate Tonnessen “It is a great expose of these two ‘holy crooks.’” — Rahul B. “It’s so much more than just a story of gurus.” — Jai Hari “I like your honesty and truthfulness.” — Sandeep S.